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Hi, I’m Michelle Aller and I write Rollybag from Oakland, California, a site dedicated to traveling with kids. I am a mother of four young children and they have not only changed the way I travel, but how I experience my surroundings along the way. We can learn a lot from these youngsters but it requires extra planning (and patience) as a parent to appreciate their unique perspectives.

I started Rollybag because my very favorite thing to do is to make travel plans. Yes, I love taking the trips too, but this site gives me a platform to plan more excursions (even ones in my dreams that I may never take) and share my findings with others. I rely heavily on tips and advice of others and I love passing along that wisdom too.

My goal for Rollybag is inspire us all to see the world through your child’s eyes. I am not the most traveled, but I have been to a few continents, some countries with my kids and most without. But by starting this site, I’m hoping to inspire myself to really get back out in the world and explore with my children in tow… and if I inspire a reader or two along the way, than that’s even better. I am a firm believer in the power of sharing and I hope this site becomes a community where we all share tips and tricks on how to make the road of discovery fun (and as tantrum-free) as possible.

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  • Reply Kris June 30, 2015 at 5:43 PM

    I didn’t see a way to leave a comment on the individual posts but wanted to thank you for the details on Las Vegas. My husband & I don’t gamble so he always says no to visiting Vegas. I have heard that it’s also family friendly and appreciate the proof. The kids would love to explore Valley of Fire.

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