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September 2014

Welcome to Rollybag

September 9, 2014

It’s September. Last year I had given birth to our final child (our fourth in less than 6 years) and I gave myself one year, until my 35th birthday in September 2014, to launch this website.

Birthing four humans has been my life’s greatest accomplishment, and my role as a parent is far from over, but lately I’ve been yearning for another passion. Before having children, I worked professionally in marketing/PR for several years, primarily within commercial architecture. Then I started making babies and slowed my work down, finally becoming a true SAHM the last three years. But while I still love architecture, I have no desire to return to that industry.

Which brings me to Rollybag. I love to plan trips just as much as taking them. Travel planning has been a fun outlet of mine for 15 years, including planning a few trips for some close friends and family. I had considered starting a travel blog for a few years and now I finally feel ready to begin. But I knew I needed to focus on family travel. Whenever I visit a place (even without my kids), I notice if it is stroller-friendly, safe, appropriate for babies or toddlers or school-age kids, if it interests myself as well as my toddler… I have kids constantly on the brain. And more than anything, I love traveling with my family.

Children allow us to see the world through their amazing perspective, which is often filled with wonder, amazement and excitement. So this website is my 35th birthday present to myself. Beyond serving as an outlet for me, I hope it gives families ideas to see the world themselves and to create lasting memories.

Welcome to Rollybag.